As our clients’ financial advocates, we are committed to proactive planning, challenging conversations, and intentional results.

We understand that between your professional life, your family, and your day-to-day, appropriate attention is not always given to your financial planning.

Where do you find the time and where would you even start?

Let our team help walk you through your planning, step-by-step, to get you back on track and driving towards your goals.


Planning Analysis

Each of our engagements is focused on a holistic financial plan, where we use a unique tool called the Planning Analysis to model a tactical vision for your future.

Risk Management

Your health is a variable in your financial planning that is outside of your total control. Because of that, we need to protect your plan against unforeseen changes in your health. We do that by shifting this risk to an insurance company through disability, life and long-term care insurance.

Debt Management

It is irrelevant for us to discuss a positive return on your money if that return is going to go right back out the door to service a personal line of credit. While we do believe in using the bank’s money, we make sure we are using it wisely at every step.

Cash Flow Management

Your future is predicated on understanding where your dollars are going and how to be intentional about where they end up. We will look at everything from normal day-to-day expenses to large purchases to make sure we have a grasp on your cash flow.

Investment Strategy

Before we ever discuss rate of return of asset allocation, we need to identify why we are investing these dollars in the first place. If we can tie every investment effort back to a specific goal, then we can make decisions with clarity and purpose, not emotion or fear.

Wealth Creation

As you look beyond your personal professional career into new business opportunities, you can count on our team to be with you every step of the way to make sure the foundation is laid for future success


Let our team be your guide. Reach out to James, our Director of Investments, to schedule your Financial Planning Audit. We would love to meet you.

James Fiscus | | 501.358.3733

Drew Anthony Gainor
Managing Director

Gainor, Carter and Associates

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Let’s make this the year we turn your dreams into plans. Get started.

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